“Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects) is a progressive design based practice which formed in response to increased demand for quality, major residences in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It is a multi-award winning corporation offering services in architecture, interior design and master planning. BGD Architects are responsible for many of Queenslands most expensive and prominent homes.

A creative firm with a deep commitment to the design process, BGD Architects is continuously seeking opportunities to work with passionate clients to create buildings that are both expressive of their purpose and bespoke. It is their firm belief that buildings should not only respond to physical, economic, cultural and historic influences but should also contribute positively to their surrounding environment. Their creations are inspirational spaces which integrate best practice sustainability with leading edge design.

The office prides itself on providing a full design and delivery service customised to their client’s specific requirements. The design, the interior planning and material selection are all carefully considered to express the personality of their clients. The belief is that a well-designed building should fit the client, a space that is uniquely theirs.